Welcome to my blog, where I share some of my favourite and most inspirational weddings in more detail. Richmond Pictures is a photography collective headed up by Karina Lax, a Photographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, close to the Peak District, Derbyshire. Specialising in gentle, natural and authentic photography. Prefered Supplier at Kew Gardens, Great John Street Hotel Manchester and Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool.

Richmond Pictures

I adore the camaraderie of a wedding day morning. Seeing everyone pitching in - the makeup artist abandoning her brushes to uncork the fizz; bridesmaids hunting for some glasses; the florist producing an emergency safety pin from her apron, saving the Mother of the Bride’s blushes. You can feel the positive energy fizzing in the air. The giggling of childhood best friends recounting in-jokes and teenage escapades, ‘novelty items’ of some sort - a mask of the groom’s face left over from the hen do, a bathrobe with a cheeky nickname emblazoned across the back or, you To View More >>

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Never work with children or animals, warned actor and comedian W.C. Fields. As a wedding photographer you don’t have too much choice about the former - and sometimes the latter, for that matter. Why do kids get bad press? Well, I suppose they’re unpredictable. And as a mum of two boys, I’d say that their, umm, arbitrary choices? - can be their most frustrating quality. They’re not constrained by societal expectations - not yet, anyway - and guess what? Weddings are full to the brim with super-strict societal expectations! Yay! “Don’t run down the aisle. Sit To View More >>

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This cheeky image is one of my all-time favourites. I’d just arrived at Cambridge Cottage, bag slung over my shoulder and pumped up on pre-reception anticipation. Mentally I was going through the itinerary of the rest of the day - the order of events, timings, essential shots the bride had requested - and, if I’m honest, not thinking remotely creatively. Heading into the hall, I saw a gaggle of children decked out in their wedding finery - bold-patterned dresses, little mohair cardigans, the boys in ties - gathered around a table of Fruit Shoots. Great, I thought, a minute or two to To View More >>

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Kew Gardens is a venue like no other. The elegance and beauty and seasonal changes mean we're really spoilt for choice, and no two weddings are ever the same. Since we began photographing weddings and events in 2013, we've discovered so many new locations, and it's exciting to keep discovering Kew with new couples. I love that Kew is rammed to its glasshouse rafters with history and scientific importance too - there's no shortage of interesting tales and mini facts to share with your guests before the wedding, and on the day too. I've put together a little guide with photographs of some of To View More >>

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Working out and then communicating your preferred photography style can be difficult. For couples it can be tricky - initially, often you'll know what before what you do want.  Photographers describe their work in a number of ways: reportage, documentary, candid - what's the difference? Couples often ask for unposed and natural photography - but should a photographer take that literally? Here's a short guide to figuring out your style as a couple and communicating it with your photographer. Photographers need to avoid jargon and steer clear of ambiguous terms. We have To View More >>

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