How much do you charge?

As all weddings are different, I'm really happy to now offer tailored quoted to each customer which is very transparent. Drop me a line or fill in the enquiry form here to get in touch.

Does that mean you don't offer packages?

I photograph such a range of weddings, and each requires a different approach in terms of time, equipment and logistics.  It feels fairer to my clients and a more personal service too.

I do also have packages if you'd prefer that approach - and if your wedding fits a package I'll suggest one to you. 

Do you take group shots?

Always - unless you ask us not to. We keep them natural looking and suggest keeping the list compact to keep the time spent doing these to a minimum, but contrary to some photographers' beliefs, we see these as some of the most valuable pictures in years to come. Who doesn't love looking back at their families' outfits and wild haircuts in years to come! And parents love these shots.

Do you have back up kit?

Absolutely. Back up cameras, flashes, lenses, and if you book two of us, a backup human! I take every booking very seriously, so I always arrive prepared and with everything we need, x2.

Is it always Karina who shoots?

I am the main photographer at Richmond Pictures, for northern weddings and select UK bookings. If I'm unavailable, I'll suggest another of my associate photographers at the time of booking and send through their portfolio for you to decide what you think.

Anyone I recommend is known personally to me and I've worked with them many times before. They're amazing photographers, lovely people, and always look smart too! (These things matter IMHO).

Who is your 2nd shooter?

When a second photographer is needed, I don't work with assistants or trainees - I work with another trusted freelance wedding photographer in the team. We then work together, and I rely on them and trust them entirely. I have a small number of associate photographers and when you're ready to book, I can send over their profiles and portfolios so you can see the standard of thei work. 

Can you provide video or wedding film? I have 3 amazing companies that I will wholeheartedly recommend both for their style and customer service, and if you'd like an all-in price, I can do that for you. Just ask and I'll send details to you.

Do you do prints and albums?

Yes - we have a beautiful, hand-picked set of print options available, and implore you to get your pictures printed in one way or the other! This year's USB will be next decade's floppy disc. Prints in a box are good - even better, allow me to design you a beautiful album or book that's made by the best album makers worldwide (no exaggeration - they're perfection in a book!).

Do you shoot destination weddings?

We have been lucky to photograph some beautiful destination weddings in Spain, France and Switzerland. Now I have my lovely family it's not the focus of my business, but I'd find a destination wedding hard to turn down - please ask. 

Are you insured?

Absolutely - I have Public Liability Insurance and my equipment covered. 

Do you charge VAT?

The prices we quote are 'all in'. There's no extra for VAT, equipment or travel within 2 hrs of our home address.

How long will it take to get my pictures?

I deliver a small selection of teaser images within a week. It's important to me to deliver your pictures as soon as I am able, and I aim for 4 weeks, with an outside time of 6 weeks at peak times.