Welcome to my blog, where I share some of my favourite and most inspirational weddings in more detail. Richmond Pictures is a photography collective headed up by Karina Lax, a Photographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, close to the Peak District, Derbyshire. Specialising in gentle, natural and authentic photography. Prefered Supplier at Kew Gardens, Great John Street Hotel Manchester and Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool.

Never work with children or animals, warned actor and comedian W.C. Fields.

As a wedding photographer you don’t have too much choice about the former - and sometimes the latter, for that matter.

Why do kids get bad press? Well, I suppose they’re unpredictable. And as a mum of two boys, I’d say that their, umm, arbitrary choices? - can be their most frustrating quality. They’re not constrained by societal expectations - not yet, anyway - and guess what? Weddings are full to the brim with super-strict societal expectations! Yay!

“Don’t run down the aisle. Sit up straight. Stop distracting your brother. Don’t talk. Don’t even whisper. Do you think I can’t see you…?”

Kids don’t care where they are or who’s watching them. Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge. Remember those pictures of her shushing the flowergirls and pageboys at Pippa’s wedding? All together now, with menacing glare and through gritted teeth: “WAIT…TILL…I...GET…YOU...HOME!”

But what can be frustrating can also be wonderfully refreshing - and make for fantastic ceremony photo opportunities.

Unconvinced? I think you need to check out these cheeky cuties.

I rest my case.


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June 14, 2019, 7:57 pm
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