Welcome to my blog, where I share some of my favourite and most inspirational weddings in more detail. Richmond Pictures is a photography collective headed up by Karina Lax, a Photographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, close to the Peak District, Derbyshire. Specialising in gentle, natural and authentic photography. Prefered Supplier at Kew Gardens, Great John Street Hotel Manchester and Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool.

This cheeky image is one of my all-time favourites.

I’d just arrived at Cambridge Cottage, bag slung over my shoulder and pumped up on pre-reception anticipation. Mentally I was going through the itinerary of the rest of the day - the order of events, timings, essential shots the bride had requested - and, if I’m honest, not thinking remotely creatively.

Heading into the hall, I saw a gaggle of children decked out in their wedding finery - bold-patterned dresses, little mohair cardigans, the boys in ties - gathered around a table of Fruit Shoots. Great, I thought, a minute or two to grab some water, unpack and get my brain in gear.

I got my camera out, adjusted my settings for indoors and started to click away, treating the whole exercise as a bit of a warm-up. I snapped a shot or two of the girls who smiled coyly, then produced a couple of disposable cameras from behind their backs.

Soon enough the others joined them, infectious grins plastered all over their faces, snapping away and delighting in their joke. I had a line-up of five little cutues  in front of me when I captured this beauty of a shot.

I love the backdrop - the botanical prints on the walls, the original cast iron radiator and the stripped wooden floor - but most of all I’m a sucker for the smiles.

Paparazzi, eh? They’re getting younger by the minute.


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May 7, 2019, 10:08 pm
Kids love these cameras. Right? This post is quite nice.
June 14, 2019, 7:53 pm
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