Welcome to my blog, where I share some of my favourite and most inspirational weddings in more detail. I'm a Photographer based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, close to the Peak District, Derbyshire. Specialising in gentle, natural and authentic photography.

On my Doorstep - a snowy Sunday in Redmires, Sheffield I'm starting my New Year's resolution early - to take more photographs outside of work and explore the natural beauty, locations and talent that's right on my doorstep. With fresh snow on a Sunday that was already mapped out to spend with the family gang, I had no excuse. Here are some of the snaps I took before everyone got too cold, cars got stuck (thankfully not ours) and there was nothing left to do but get home for emergency hot chocolate. To View More >>

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Featured on Love My Dress, November 2017 Harriet & Sandy's elegant winter wedding at Dauntsey House in Bath saw atmospheric morning mist, a stunning long-sleeved wedding dress, a beautiful Britten headpiece, giant tipi and a subtle maroon and grey colour theme. Take a look at this inspirational winter wedding at Dauntsey House in Bath, which we travelled from our home in Sheffield to photograph.  Photographing in low winter light has a knack to it, and at this wedding, Tom and I decided to embrace the mood created by the mist and create atmospheric and subdued images. To View More >>

Ahead of the Kew Gardens wedding showcase on Sunday, I've been leafing through last year's weddings and wanted to share this lovely day. Ed and Inga got married in Westminster Cathedral, with reception at Cambridge cottage in Kew. I actually couldn't contain my excitement when we found out the apple blossom had bloomed late and we had a whole avenue of blossom tress to shoot in at golden hour, just before sunset. To View More >>

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Charlotte & Dylan's wedding was an incredible day. The service was held in the local church in Lytchett Matravers in Dorset - the church local to the couple (that also happened to be picture perfect) followed by a reception in the stunning grounds of Dean's Court, Wimborne. There were personal touches aplenty, talented family and friends providing entertainment, some of the most beautiful flowers I've seen and topped off by the absolutely stunning Charlotte and lovely Dylan who brushes up rather well too! Thank you both for letting me share your pictures. Please take a look at the gallery To View More >>

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On Sunday I went on a day trip from Sheffield to St Anne's, Lancashire to see my Great Aunt Martha with my parents and little boy Otto. Aunt Martha celebrated her 104th birthday on Tuesday. Yes, 104. An amazing age, but what's more amazing is her zest for life, natural energy, wit, warmth and kindness. At the end of our visit I took these photos, which she made such good fun, getting us to all shout 'Cheese Sandwiches', posing and showing us the leg and core exercises she does every time the adverts come on the TV! She loved Otto, who she met 2 years ago too - and he was charming as ever, shouting To View More >>

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